Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall at the Cabin

General Conference weekend Rob and I went up to the cabin. It was absolutely beautiful! The colors were at there best. Cayman got me up early and we went for a walk and it was breath-taking. I am so glad I got up and didn't miss such a beautiful sight. We walked around the mountain once and then came back and got Rob. I wish you all could have seen the what a gift the Lord has given us in this peaceful place. General Conference was wonderful such great talks. We have so much to be grateful for.

The beauties of Fall in Utah

Kelsey and Jan at the entrance to Snowbird October Fest.

We had a great time together.

Kelsey, Zane, Rob and Jan at October Fest. We had a great time and good "expensive" food.

Zane and Kelsey with a beautiful background of fall colors.

In Sept. Rob and some of his friends from work went mountain biking up at Sundance. The mountain was beautiful!!! He had a great time and only fell 4 times. Not bad Rob.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Family dinner with the cousins

On Sunday, Sept. 17, all of the cousins that are going to BYU came up for dinner. We love our family dinners. We had everyone there and it was a great get-together.

We had all of us, Rob, Krista, Brandon, Kelsey and Zane, Christopher, Katie, Ben, Kallie, and Andrew, Kyle and Heather, and Allison, Dale and Eric, Adam, Sandy and Trevor. What a great group!!!!

I love these kids! What a fun night. We had such a great time and it's just fun being together.

Rob and Brandon at the BYU vs. UCLA

On Sept. 17, Rob and Brandon went to the BYU vs. UCLA football game. It was an awesome game. BYU won 59 to 0. They went with Brandon's boss, Chad and one of his friends from Sundance, where Brandon works. They were able to go down on the field for the first quarter, where they were able to take some great pictures.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catch up on winter and spring 2008

Since Cowboy has been home, Kelsey has been showing him in jumper shows. Everytime he has been in the ribbons. They are a great team!

Our favorite place in the whole world is the cabin. It is so peaceful and beautiful. We get up there as much as possible. This summer Jan went up there for 2 weeks with her two horses, Shaq and Parker and her dog, Cayman. It was wonderful. Here is Zane helping with the dishes, what a guy!! Cayman is overseeing everyone to make sure everything is going okay. She thinks this is a good way to catch burglars.

Since Brandon graduated from SUU I have really missed watching him play football. We were excited when he got onto a flag football team with a bunch of his old buddies from college and also from BYU, UofU, and Weber State. They had a great time in this tournament and it sure brought back a lot of wonderful memories.
Our winter turned into a beautiful spring. I love playing with the dogs. Cayman, Cutter, Annie and Gus love bubbles and playing together. Rob and I took the dogs up in the canyon by Mirror Lake. It was cool, but very beautiful. Great memory!

This was a great winter! We had lots of snow and the skiing was awesome. Ralph and Pam came up and met for a wonderful day of skiiing.

Trevor and Kelsey having a great day of skiing.

Rob and Cutter up at the slopes. Cutter is Rob's best buddy.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cowboy's Homecoming

Aunt Joan and Kelsey eagerly waiting for Cowboy.

This was a special day for Kelsey. She was leasing him and had a lot of training on him. She had won quite a few blue ribbons and loved this horse. Then 6 years ago the owner who was going through a divorce and needed money took him from her and broke her heart. He was put in a stall in So. Utah until he was finally sold to
a lady, named Dawn, who lived in Michigan. Somehow she found out that Kelsey had done the training on him and contacted Kelsey from then on, letting her know how Cowboy was doing. This gave Kelsey a lot of comfort and Dawn took good care of him.

Then last fall she e-mailed Kelsey and told her that she had bought another horse and then had hurt her arm and wasn't able to work both horses and would she like him back. Kelsey was ecstatic! With times and lots of planning Kelsey's dreams finally came true. On Sunday July 20th a huge semi filled with horses drove into our neighborhood with an old friend. The neighborhood gathered and tears flowed as our Cowboy walked down the ramp.

At first I don't think he knew where he was, but once he got into his old corral and the sights and smells came back, he began to settle down. Kelsey went in and hugged him and his memory was back. She jumped on his back and gave him a big kiss. Cowboy was home!

Since July they have already won 3 blue ribbons. He is quite a horse and we are glad to have him home.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ellsworth Family Reunion

On Friday, July 18th we began our first Ellsworth family reunion. I was in charge of it this year and we decided to have it at our cabin in Oakley, Ut. Friday was a day for individual family activities.

On Wednesday before the reunion Joan, Alysa, and Katie brought the kids up to our house and the kids got to ride horses. Above is Taylor on Parker and Kallie is riding Shaquille.
On Friday evening Mom, Dad, and Joy (and of course Bailey and Brinkley their golden retrievers) came up to the cabin for a wonderful visit and dinner before the gang came up on Sunday. It was great to see them and to have them to ourselves for a short time.
Mom and Kelsey relaxing on the deck at the cabin.

Brandon making his presence known at the cabin.
Mom and Dad relaxing on the deck at the cabin.

Kelsey and Brandon.
Rob overseeing Brandon's weed-eating. He is making sure no trees are damaged.
Saturday afternoon and here comes the family!

Everyone gathering on the deck.
Mom and Joy planned a game for everyone, with memories of our family.
Krista and Ben 4 wheeling.

Kelsey and Zane off for a ride. Brittany, Krista and baby Hunter.

Ralph, Jan, Dad and Joan out for a walk. "We're off to see the wizard"Mom, Rob, Katie and Dad playing cards.
Our Dad. What a fun day this was. Great memories!!!!
Joan and Taylor on Shaquille. Meleah is looking at the birds. Is it a bird, is it a plane, it.....

Do you want a bite?After the reunion Ralph and Pam and their family and Joan and her family stayed for a few days longer. We had lunch at McDonalds in Lehi.